Is it possible to teach speaking?

The answer is going to be “yes, of course”. Easier said than done. Today I thought it nice to share with you a few reflections on the teaching of speaking. If you have pen and paper at hand, I’d like to ask you to brainstorm everything that concerns the teaching of speaking – if you […]

Language courses on DVDs

As an Italian native speaker having been studying foreign languages for many years, I have experienced many different types of tasks and/or ways of acquiring a language. Of all the languages I know, the most challenging by far is Mandarin – and for this and other reasons, I also reckon it is the most fascinating . So, […]

Teaching English through Facebook

Before starting to write this new post of mine about technology in language teaching, I would like to make a reference to my introductory post, clarifying that my personal position about the use of technology in several and different disciplines is absolutely positive. In other words, I am very keen of technology and the more […]

Introducing Technology

I would like to start this new adventure into technology in teaching by getting into the concept of technology first- what it has meant until now and what it may mean in the near and remote future. What is technology? Or, easier, for what is it used? We could soundly start by stating that whereas at its […]