An efficient browser for students: Microsoft Edge

I have been using Microsoft Windows on my laptop for quite a long time now – always keeping it updated with the latest upgrades. This is probably one thing that many of you readers will have experienced just as I have, namely, the common pre-set awareness that Macs with their iOS systems, are the best in terms of computer and mobile technology – this being especially true if one needs their PCs literally to work. Well, today I’m going to prove this to be wrong – in other words, selling out Microsoft for no monetary advantages!

Since only a few months, Microsoft has developed its own Internet browser, which is called Microsoft Edge.

Following its slowness when it first came out and some bugs to be definitely fixed, now it’s finally starting to work as a proper browser in terms of speed. And in terms of the remainder of all the features that a browser should involve? Please have a look at the video below. It shows efficiently and briefly how to get it worked out with Microsoft Edge!

As to my previous post, in whose final lines I claimed my incurable preference for the chance one gets to draw and scribble and write notes down on a paper book over the mere digital click, I break a lance for Microsoft Edge. As a matter of fact, it allows just that! By clicking on the ‘edit’ icon at the top right hand corner of Microsoft Edge window, you will be able to actually edit the page which you are currently on by virtually attaching post-its to it, or highlighting parts of writing, and so on. At the end of it, you’ll then be able to actually save the page you’ve just worked on (through the new ‘Reading list’ function) and you will have it at hand whenever you’ll open your browser again.readinglist_function
It’s only been a few time since I’ve been using this myself, so I’m not sure whether I’d be able to answer any technical question to this regard. I’d nevertheless really appreciate any opinion on its use, and possibly any suggestion about how it may possibly be used in an efficient learning environment.

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